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Sleep Hygiene for A Good Night’s Rest


One of the easiest ways to prepare yourself for better sleep is to pay attention to your sleep hygiene. Having a bedroom and daily routines that encourage consistent, uninterrupted sleep is part of good sleep hygiene. Ideal sleep hygiene can be achieved by adhering to a steady sleep schedule, making your bedroom comfortable and free of distractions, practicing a calming bedtime routine, and developing healthy habits throughout the day.

Mental health can be linked to how physically well we are. Sleep helps the brain rest, which is essential for overall healing. If we don’t get a wink of sleep, chances are we get stressed more easily and can be prone to a lot of mental and physical health concerns. Better sleep is beneficial for everyone, from children to older adults, and good sleep hygiene can help achieve that goal.

How can you tell if you have poor sleep hygiene? The most obvious signs of poor sleep hygiene include difficulty falling asleep, frequent sleep disturbances, and daytime sleepiness. Poor sleep hygiene can also be reflected in a general lack of consistency in either the quantity or quality of one’s sleep.

Our psychiatry experts can help you tailor good sleep hygiene. Here is the foundation of utilizing good nighttime habits.

  • Set a sleep schedule according to your lifestyle, such as a fixed waking up and sleeping time.
  • Follow a nightly routine, which should include dimming your lights, unplugging your gadgets, and avoiding caffeine, big meals, and alcohol.
  • Cultivate healthy habits daily by eating healthily and staying active during the daytime.

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