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Healthy Eating Can Be Linked to Good Mental Health


We are taught that eating well helps us look and feel our best. However, we don’t always hear that eating well also has a big impact on our mental health. A well-balanced, healthy diet can help us feel more alert and think clearly. Additionally, it may increase concentration and attention span.

According to psychiatric evaluation, sugar, and processed foods can cause inflammation in the body and brain, which may be a factor in mood disorders like depression and anxiety. When we’re feeling stressed or down, we often turn to processed foods for a quick pick-me-up.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are substituted for high-fat, high-calorie fast food during busy or difficult times, and a cup of coffee serves as a complete breakfast.

The American Dietetic Association says that when stressed or depressed, people tend to eat too much or too little. If you eat too much, you end up feeling sluggish and gaining weight. It’s hard to break this habit when you eat too little and feel tired. During times of stress and depression, a poor diet only exacerbates the situation. Despite its vicious nature, this cycle can be broken.

As such, our mental health services in New Jersey encourage the importance of a healthy and balanced diet to guarantee better mental wellness. Although it cannot always be the basis for good mental health, it is your first step toward better living.

K Mental Wellness is your trusted provider of psychiatric care in Hamilton, New Jersey, that can help you create a sustainable health plan.

Through psychiatry and healthy lifestyles, we can achieve the mental and physical wellness necessary to live our lives to the fullest.

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