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Work from Home Mental Health Management


The advantages and disadvantages of virtual working have been widely discussed and, for the most part, thoroughly documented. While we will gradually return to our offices, virtual working is here to stay for many roles, either to provide flexibility, minimize office capacity, or manage regional multi-market or worldwide teams.

During the past year, K Mental Wellness has been offering virtual services, and customized seminars, aiding our clients in understanding, managing, and implementing mental health inside their growing workplaces. Over this period, we’ve created new and adaptable content to meet increasing mental health requirements, including loss and solitude, situational anxiety, and resilience. We’ve also developed significant expertise in teaching managers and leaders to be aware of and explore potential measures related to the impact of prolonged virtual labor behind a screen on psychological health and safety.

This new work environment has an impact on how we manage mental health in the workplace and, more crucially, how we can detect changes that may suggest that someone is compromising their mental health.

Recognizing that not everyone feels comfortable talking to their manager, HR, or even colleagues, establishing a trained group of individuals, such as K Mental Wellness in the workplace, who are available to have a trusted, confidential conversation about mental health, to listen, and then signpost support and psychiatric care in Hamilton, New Jersey if needed, can form an integral part of this plan.

If you’d like to learn more about how psychiatry can help your company establish a comprehensive and agile workplace, please contact us at kmentalwellness@gmail.com.

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