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Helpful Tips to Improve Medication Management


As we age, it is not uncommon for doctors to prescribe multiple medications to manage and prevent health conditions. While these prescriptions are helpful, the task of remembering each medication’s instructions is often overwhelming. Similar to maintenance medications, a prescription medication for mental health issues can also be challenging to manage.

As a provider of outpatient mental health services, we will share helpful tips to improve medication management at home:

  • Establish a Daily Routine
    The task of remembering to take your medication can be easier when you incorporate it into a daily routine. For instance, you can take your medication after brushing your teeth or before bed, depending on your doctor’s instructions.
  • Use an App
    In addition to telepsychiatry, you can use your phone to provide daily reminders. There are several medication management apps you can use to remind you to take your medication at a certain hour each day.
  • Use a Pill Box
    A pillbox can help you organize your medications and ensure you do not miss a dose. It is also helpful to place labels to make it easier to track your medication during the morning and night.
  • Receive Additional Support
    If keeping up with your medications is simply too much to handle on your own, consider receiving help from a provider of psychiatry in New Jersey. Our mental health professionals are available to provide daily reminders to monitor your medication intake.

K Mental Wellness is your reliable provider of mental health services in Hamilton, New Jersey. To ensure the efficacy of your treatment, ensure adherence through our medication management services. Give us a call to set an appointment and discover more ways we can help you.

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