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Correcting the Myths About Panic Disorders


Myths about panic disorders harm not only the patient; they will also affect anyone in the community. Why? Those with panic disorders are unjustly perceived. Their family and friends may receive the same unfortunate scrutiny. The healthcare community will be unable to deliver care to those who need it. And those who are left undiagnosed may continue to be silent for this fear.

Accurate and complete information is our weapon to correct these misconceptions. Let us attempt to address some in this article.

  • Panic attacks “only” happen to the weak of mind.

    Panic attacks can happen to anyone— whether they are successful in their careers or recovering from trauma, panic attacks can happen.

  • Panic attacks are done to “seek attention.”

    Panic attacks are not done with any intent, especially since these genuine episodes are not controllable in their entirety.

  • Panic attacks make the person lose all their control.

    Panic attacks may make patients feel like their life is out of control, but they can be aware of the situation. The person can recognize the symptoms of an attack and may calm down.

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